As a modern day artist, Diddy's output includes Audio & Visual performances, with his sets being synced to live video clips and DVD, which he controls himself.

Recording - Logic Pro
"Everything I do is based around my macs and Apple hardware and software, its a really strange relationship that has built up without any master plan. I've been using Logic Pro since its early years in the 90's when it became the smoothest way for me to get into abandonning tape and moving to hard-disk audio. I started using Logic when I was asked to do a second mix of Blondie after the success of Heart of Glass. Chysalis could see it was cheaper and more flexible for me to work from my own project studio, so they funded the hardware and that was the start of me using Logic full time"

DJ - Traktor / Final Scratch
"After getting sick of carrying crates of records around and never being totally happy with CD, I tried using Stanton Final Scratch linked up to Traktor DJ on my macbook. This is great, you get all the touch and control of vinyl with the ability to carry 1000's of records around at once. It's been rock solid and the only annoyance is pluggin the audio box into the mixer before the night starts."

VJ - Final Cut / Motion
"I create the visuals for my club Megawoof using Motion and Final-Cut, grabbing footage off my DV-camera and twisting it up. Then on the night I trigger it off my old powerbook. I have banks of clips i can play with and trigger manually or I'll leave it in random mode. You can overlay one clip over another and then add a third layer, then start applying effects. I have some software I use to trigger the clips but I'm experimenting with some newer stuff and thinking of writing my own"

Mastering & Hardware
The advances in technology have meant that musicians no longer need a whole studio of equipment to write, produce and master their music. "Recently I've converted to just using my macbookpro for music and sticking with software plugins. The biggest challenge I find today is that everything stays digital and its rare to need to go to a mastering sweet for transfer onto vinyl. Suddenly its become imporant to be able to wrap up with the finished articled, thats a challenge as you can't rely on someone else to tighten up the final mix anymore."

"At some stage I'm going to plug all my old hardware back in, but sometimes its better to restrict your choices when trying to be creative, so I'm sticking with Logic and its plugins, the ES2 and EXS24 especially and just adding in the Korg Digital Collection, M1 and Wavestation for the moment. When I feel I need to expand a bit more, Im going to get my mixing desk out again and link up the Moog, Super Jupiter, Pulse and other valve hardware I have again, but for the moment Im enjoying just using software."

"The freedom that being able to take a studio in a laptop with you, is incredible. During the summer I was working with the San Francisco Opera working on a dance remix of Madam Butterfly for a public festival. It was amazing to take a microphone, my powerbook and a small soundbox to connect them deep into the Opera house rehearsal space and be able to run through a mix and record practice vocals without the need for a studio and all the power coming through the laptop without the need for a studio, just astonishing really."

"Outside of the studio and the dance floor, I use Macs to run the club website, send out mailing lists, design the artwork for adverts, flyers and records. We do all our accounting and business admin on them too. It's fair to say that absolutely everything we do is touched by our macs