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Uplifting, melodic, pumping basslines ... DIDDY is a familiar face to the International Dance scene, perhaps best know for his hit single Give Me Love, first championed by Sasha and Digweed , #23 in the UK Charts, and his worldwide smash remixes of Blondie's Atomic ( #1US-BILLBOARD, #19-UK), Heart of Glass(#15) and Union City Blue. His tracks and remixes feature on compilations such as "Now 37", "Now Dance", "Pascha - Ministry of Sound", "Best Dance Anthems Ever" and his music has been used on Television & Radio.

He has been featured in articles from magazines such as Melody Maker & The Big Issue and has performed onstage alongside artists such as Moby & Boy George.

Diddy's DJ sets pull on his love of house music, from early house to the present, weaving in and out of progressive, hypnotic and vocal sounds, using vinyl and his laptop to let him go off in new directions to surprise and reward the dancefloor with those 'I don't know what it is, but its fantastic moments..' somehow creating a cohesive journey from disparate elements. He accompanies his sets with live visuals from his mac laptop.

Diddy has remixed artists such as Ultra-nate, Robert Palmer, Marianne Faithful, The Sugababes, Donna Summer & Dolly Parton. His musical collaborators include Alan Thompson, Tall Paul, Steve Thomas, Wayne G, Republica, Andy Allder, The Tyrell Corporation, Rachel Auburn, Aetherius, Mc Kinky, Blu Peter & Nusta.

Diddy is currently releasing new material, DJ'ing around the world, running his succesful club Megawoof! with Daz Saund and working with vocalist/rapper Rob-FT on new tracks. He has recently worked with the San Francisco Opera on reworkings of famous Aria's




Diddy is DJ'ing at Burning Man 2008.

Diddy is working on an exciting Music-Tech related project.

Diddy has finished some music for a TV advert.

Diddy has finished a mix for Crystal Waters.

DIddy is featured on the front page of ( the #1 dance site on the internet ) with a new interview.

Diddy is being featured on Australian Radio for a new show about influential tracks that changed the world.

Daz & Diddy have been working on mixes of David Gordon's ( Rize ) new single Get Up.

Diddy & Andy Allder are working on album tracks.

The Daz & Diddy mix of Automatic, hit #1 dance download on iTunes USA over the last weekend of June 2007

Ultra-natés single reached #1 in the US Billboard Dance Chart

Ultranate's new single Automatic has been remixed by Diddy & Daz

Diddy - The Reason has goes into the top 20 in the UK Music Week DJ Charts

Diddy's new single - The Reason featuring the vocal talents of Rob-FT is on Promo across the UK. It entered the music week charts which is a great result and the reaction forms have been incredible. Diddy's aiming for a release on iTunes in January, with further tracks to follow shortly.

Give Me Love Pt 3 - A new mix of Give Me Love has been spotted out in the wild. "It's so weird to hear GML out again" says Diddy "I heard it and it sent a little shiver up my spine, the crowd went wild. Not sure about any plans for it yet, I might consider doing a new mix myself, it feels very well with the old skool sound thats developing on the dance scene at the moment".


In 1993 Diddy dropped out of the 9-5 life to write dance music.. He started by releasing a melodic house track called Small World. Being a regular at the legendary club Trade he was encouraged by nascent dj Tall Paul who helped created one of the 3 mixes on the single. With the release of Small World, Diddy was contacted by EMI/Positiva who were interested to see if he had any forthcoming material, he played them an early demo of 'Give Me Love' but they were not convinced. Diddy set about releasing this track with the aid of a friend, only 15 copies were pressed before Danny Rampling and Graham Gold picked up on the rarity and started playing it on Kiss FM. Positiva heard the new mixes and decided it was a winner. The only problem was Diddy in refusing to sign to anyone but a major record label, had become homeless and after being thrown onto the streets he was drifting around London. Positiva left messages for Diddy in record shops and eventually tracked him down. A deal with EMI/Positiva soon followed.

In 1994 Chrysalis Records, contacted Diddy to ask him to take the master tapes of Blondie's Atomic and remix it for the club scene. What had started out as a purely promotional idea exploded onto the dance scene and became a hit in its own right, placing Blondie back in the top 20 for the first time in 10 years. The success of this, prompted further remixes by Diddy of Heart of Glass again a top 20 hit and Union City Blue. These mixes are now found on many of the Blondie Albums including the Platinum Collection, and the remix album "Beautiful" . Atomic - Diddy's 12" mix went on to reach #1 in the American Billboard Dance Chart, giving EMI UK their first #1 hit there.


Although Diddy and Positiva went their own separate ways after the release of Give Me Love, Feverpitch another part of EMI dance, raided the Positiva catalogue 4 years later to re-release what became one of the biggest Anthems of 97. With additional vocals by Marcia and a storming remix by Tony De Vit, Give Me Love was welcomed back onto the dancefloors and into the top of the dance and pop charts. In 1998, Diddy was encouraged to DJ by Blu Peter, DJ & promoter at the dance club "Melt" held on Sunday nights at Turnmills. Diddy started playing the music he felt was missing from the dance scene, funky house, today this underground sound is the main commercial side of house music. Residencies at Love Muscle, Habit and Rush followed. At Habit, Diddy and International DJ Daz Saund renewed their friendship which had begun in the early years of Trade Following Give Me Love, Diddy setup a new dance label with Daz Saund to release Underground House that would provide an outlet for the numerous tracks they had been writing as Daz&Didz. He also concentrated on his song writing for his publishers and built up a back catalogue of material. He also joined up with superstar DJ Alan Thompson to form Bedlam. putting out the single 'Da Force' another club hit which rode the top of the UK Dance Charts. Diddy amassed a wealth of remixes, many of which are club hits in their own right.


NYE 2001, Diddy suffered a serious head injury causing him to lose his sight, which he battled through for 2 years. He maintained a diary of his progress on this website as he slowly recovered and began the long process of learning to see again. Fortunately his progress was steady and sure and in 2003 he returned to the dance scene with his musical partner Daz Saund, to start a new Sunday dance club called Woof!.


Since 2003, Diddy has been writing new music, DJ'ing around the world and running his club Megawoof! which after moving to a saturday night now attracts over 800 every month and was voted best monthly club of 2004 in the Unity Awards. Diddy is currently in the studio, releasing new singles and has just remixed Ultranate, Marianne Faithfull and The Sugababes. He is also working with the HipHop artist Rob-T-Thomas, who sings on the new single.


Diddy is releasing new material, remixing , preparing the release of back catalogue and working on a remix album of his best work. Diddy & Daz Saund are also in the process of setting up a new record label to showcase music written for their club Megawoof!. Diddy has DJ appearances scheduled in worldwide, with recent appearances in London, USA-San Francisco, Turkey, Cologne, Barcelona & Amsterdam From homelessness to the top of the charts, from blindness back to success, its never been a smooth ride, but Diddy would say "music is life".